Dog Urine Odor and Stain Removal Guide

Dog Urine Odor and Stain Removal Guide

No matter how much we love our pets, we still can’t prevent the stains they cause. There is nothing more disturbing than walking bare feet and stepping into a cold, wet pool of urine. The smell can also be quite revolting if you’re not used to it. Most people usually buy a pet odor remover, which is not always effective. In most cases, it will only mask the problem. When your dog urinates in the house, you need to clean up the stain and neutralize the odor. If you don’t, the smell might last for days or even weeks. The best way to deal with such stains is to use a good dog urine remover.

For most people, a urine odor clean-up job tends to be quite messy. However, it’s important that you don’t just mask the smell of the stain. If you fail to remove all traces of urine, the odor will resurface once the masking agent has worn off or evaporated.

Urine starts to smell like ammonia pretty quickly. If you allow the stain to settle, it will start to give off a pungent smell that is very difficult to get rid of. Unless you deal with it completely, the foul odor will keep on coming back. This is the same case for all kinds of pet urine. Improper cleaning might also attract the dog back to the same soiled spot. Dogs have very good noses that can smell the urine even if it’s in the house.

However, there is no need to worry about the stains that your dog makes. With a good dog urine remover, you can sort out such kinds of issues. One of the main benefits of using a quality dog urine remover is that there will be practically no evidence that the stain ever existed. In addition, such removers are quite affordable and you can find them at your local store. You can even use everyday ingredients that you have in your home to make a dog urine remover.

Locate the source of the odor

The first step in dog urine removal is to locate the source of the smell. If you don’t know where it’s coming from, you should watch your dog. In most cases, they will return to where they made the stain. You can even ask your kids for help if they tend to spend a lot of time with the dog.

If you have just moved into a new apartment or house, locating the source of the odor can take a bit of time. This is because the previous owner’s pets could have left a few stains of their own. In such a situation, you can use a black light to locate the source of the dried up urine. You should turn off your lights and close all the windows shades before you turn on the black light. Swipe the light over various areas of the floor. If there is any urine or other biological material in the carpet, they should glow under the black light.


  • Once you have located the stain, you should soak up as much urine as a possible. You can use newspapers and paper towels. It’s important that you remove the urine before it dries. It will make the odor disappear much more quickly. Place the thick layer of paper towels on the stained area and cover them with newspapers. If you can, also put the paper towels under the soiled area. You should then stand on the padding for about a minute. Repeat the procedure until the area is almost dry.
  • The urine-soaked paper towels should be placed in your dogs’ designated bathroom area. By doing this, you will encourage your dog to excrete waste in specific areas. This will make cleaning up after it a whole lot easier.
  • Once you’re through, make sure that you rinse the accident zone. You can use clean, warm water. Make sure that you remove any water that might be left over. You can use a wet vac.
  • To make sure that the odor doesn’t resurface, finish the job with a quality dog urine remover.

In addition to cleaning up after you’re dog, make sure that you also train it. You have to teach your pet where you want it to excrete. It will help you to avoid a lot of accidents in future.


  1. I have a question, my dog has a favourite urine spot in the house. Is there a way or something I can use to desensitize that spot. Thank you so much for your help!! 🙂

  2. I just discovered “cleaning” vinegar, and for me it works ! After cleaning up the initial urine, I douse the area with cleaning vinegar and let it dry ( have tile floors). I can only find it at Publix,( it’s in the cleaning products) but am sure you can find it elsewhere, or online. It is a wonderful cleaning agent for so much.


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