How to Get Rid of Dog Urine Smell

How to Get Rid of Dog Urine Smell

The smell of dog’s urine can spoil the fragrance of your home to such an extent that you may have to change the carpets, rugs or clothes to completely evade the nauseating odour. Even though, you as the dog owner might get desensitized after some time, the strong scent will get affixed, not leaving behind a great impression on visiting friends and family. However, one can always get rid of dog urine smell by employing few viable tactics.

Train your dog

The most effective way of avoiding a situation like this is to give proper home training to your dog, or else, the problem may just become a headache for you. Handling a new pet is easier since they tend to learn fast, however, the old boys need some extra effort from their masters. Take them out regularly or have a specific area for them inside the house, say with hardwood floors and spongy pads. Scold them whenever they pee beyond the restricted areas and be strict with your responses.

Wipe out the urine smell

A dog’s urine is mixture of uric acid, nitrogen, hormones and bacteria. The main agent responsible for persistent odour is the uric acid, which can stink even more in a humid climate. They stick to the pillows, rugs or clothes and become more potent with time, if untreated. Your dog is more likely to hit the same spot every now and then to urinate, in case you pay no heed to the traces of urine smell. In worst case you may have to change the whole thing to get rid of the same. However, one can also employ regular cleaning process to deal with the issue.

  1. Enzymatic cleaners are the best when it comes to removing stain and smell from floors and carpets. You can easily purchase it online or from a pet store. However, be careful when you handle such chemicals.
  2. Immediate blotting up of the urine can be done with a spongy material that soaks in bulk of the liquid from the rug or cloth.
  3. Use clean paper towels to remove yellow stains by pouring some water, followed by soaking it up.
  4. Baking Soda is a natural deodorizer that can be applied to affected areas. Make sure you vacuum the spot after few hours.
  5. Applying too much fresh water on the urine spot to extract more moisture is a bad idea, as that can give rise to growth of molds underneath the carpet.
  6. Proper ventilation is vital for quick action of neutralizing odour and drying of rugs.
  7. Soak the spot with pure white vinegar and keep it like that for an hour or so. Then blot as much of the urine as doable.
  8. It becomes easier to detect stains with hand held black light, as that can assist you in targeting old stain spots.
  9. Before applying an enzymatic cleaner on the wall or hardwood floors, make sure it doesn’t decolorize the same.
  10. In case, the cleaner doesn’t work well with the walls, use mild detergent to wash it with a rag.
  11. Always keep the doors and windows open to let pass any stink that may exist within the vicinity of your living space.

What one should never use?

  1. Bleach- Most people commit a mistake of using bleach in order to neutralize the odour after removal of urine stained carpet. However, they forget about its property to act as a disinfectant, which in return can be noxious for your dog as well as you. Avoid using any bleaching product that can lead to more serious problems, than getting rid of urine smell.
  2. Ammonia- This is itself a dominating part of a dog’s urine odour and applying it to neutralize the effect can make things even worse. What’s even tragic is a mixture of ammonia and bleach, which can bear potent danger to people living in the house. One may eventually die inhaling the smell of such a lethal combination.

Dog urine smell should never be a problem if you disallow the stain to settle in for a long time and most importantly give your dog some efficient housebreaking tips. Obviously there will be an occasional incident every now and then, but then again, you will know how to get things in control.


  1. I have had 3 yellow labs (seeing eye dogs) using a dirt run, covered with pea gravel. Although I pick up twice daily, the urine odor is making me ill. I have read that “garden lime” will clear this up for me. How should it be applied? Rake back gravel first, apply dry, soak into dirt, soak into dirt and gravel? Any advice from you would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • We have a dog run with AstroTurf & rubber pads under with draining access & rocks on bottom. Can’t even enjoy our back yard because the smell is so bad!
      Any suggestions?

  2. Some good solutions on stopping your dog urinating in your house, we’ve tried using vinegar in he past and it does seem to help.


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