Dog Urine Stain Removal Tips

Dog Urine Stain Removal Tips

Got a new puppy or adopted dog? It’s common to have problems with dogs peeing on your carpets and furniture. Sometimes older dogs also have these difficulties for a variety of reasons. Dogs find carpeting as a place to urinate because it has similar texture to grass. The urine usually soaks into the fibers, thereby “setting” the stain and this makes it harder to clean. The other problem is the odor that is hard to remove from the carpet and can persist for quite some time. When the carpet gets the characteristic smell of urine, there is a big chance that the dog will soil it again. You should learn the methods of dog urine stain removal in order to remove the odors and rejuvenate your carpet.

First you need to buy a black light either online or at a hardware store. Black light is an incredibly useful tool to locate the stains. You need to inspect your carpet after you turn off all of the lights. You should use the black light to find the complete area of the stain. After you find the stains, you should use chalk to mark the stains and see where is the right place to apply your cleansing products.

You can make a good stain-removing product by mixing the pet odor shampoo, vinegar, liquid soap and baking soda with the water. The quantity of individual ingredient depends on the quantity of stains. Vinegar will attack the stains on the carpet. The baking soda will efficiently remove the urine smell. Liquid soap will lift the dirt and provide a soapy base. The pet odor shampoo will give your carpet a pleasant smell.

You need to use this mixture to spread it over the areas of your carpet that have stains. Use a scrubbing brush to scrub the stains. It takes some time for the cleaning agents to soak into the fibers of your carpet. It is best that you leave it for about twenty minutes. You can use a carpet cleaner to distribute the cleaning mixture into the carpet. You can draw out all of the excess water and cleaning agents by using a wet vacuum cleaner.

Leave the carpet outside to dry. When the carpet is dry, you can vacuum it to remove the dust. In case of excessive stains, you may need to repeat the dog urine stain removal process again after one week.

You can prevent your dog from urinating on your carpet by spraying the area with some mixture of essential oil of citronella and water. The citrus scent is pleasant for people, but dogs don’t like it. If the dog keeps urinating on your carpet, you must train your dog properly and avoid such a behavior in the future. It is best to treat the urine stains quickly and you should not allow them to dry because dry stains are difficult to remove. You can use an old towel or some tissue to absorb the urine. Put some liquid soap on the stain and scrub it with a brush. Pour some clean water to rinse, blot it again and dry it. Stain removal will be much easier if you act quickly.


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